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by itself it translates as stone in German and does notrefer to a drinking vessel! While produced in a number of different materials, steins have been made in Germany for more than 600 years in a hard, vit - rified ceramic material called stoneware (German: Steinzeug). Beer steins made of this material have been referred to as more


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Beer Glasses Beer Mug Beer Mugs Beer Stein German Beer Stein Steins Steins offered by are in-stock and shipped within 24 hours. We do not drop-ship or backorder. Copyright ©2003-2021 All Rights Reserved (937)-470-5989. Beer Steins by more


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Steins: A Brief History: The word "stein" is of German origin. The etymology of the word is either from "Stein Krug" (meaning stone jug/mug) or from "Steingut" (meaning stone goods). Steins are mugs used for drinking beer. They can be made of earthenware, pewter, wood, ceramics, crystal, porcelain, creamware, silver, or glass. more


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Paulaner is a German brewery, established in 1634 in Munich by the Minim friars of the Neudeck ob der Au cloister. The mendicant order and the brewery are named after Francis of Paola, the founder of the order. Paulaner is one of the six breweries who provide beer for Oktoberfest, the German beer festival dating from 1810. more


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2/3/2020 · Traditional German Beer Steins Rothenburg Village Scene Beer Mug If you’re in search of a 14th-century feel, without the worry of potentially breaking a piece of history, consider a historic more


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2/4/2021 · Steins are German mugs created for drinking beer. Over the years, manufacturers have used silver, pewter, crystal, glass, porcelain, ceramics, creamware, ivory, and wood to make gorgeous pieces. Be careful when deciding to buy one and always check its age, quality, and value since there are too many reproductions available on the market nowadays. more


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Look for early beer steins dating from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s, before 1918, made in Germany. Good condition is essential to high values when it comes to beer steins. Look for pieces with no dents, cracks, chips, or repairs. Since beer steins were functional objects used regularly, it is difficult to find examples in pristine or mint more


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4/12/2017 · Identifying old German beer steins requires a keen eye. The first thing that you have to look for is a Made in Germany label on the bottom of the stein. Most imitations have Made in China or Made in Taiwan labels on them. An authentic German beer stein will always have a Made in Germany label, so beware of any steins that don’t have any mark at all. more


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The History of German Beer Steins – German Culture more


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2/26/2015 · Beer Steins |Mettlach Steins The fascination of beer steins or tankards has a long history dating back for centuries. The rarest German beer steins in the world are difficult if not impossible to more



9/6/2005 · Beer steins are an area of great interest to many collectors. A good place to start your research on your father's steins would be a visit to the Website of Stein Collectors International (, a collectors' club that boasts more than 1,000 members worldwide. Click on the SteinTalk page, where visitors can post photographs of their steins and ask for help identifying them. more


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Description: German Beer Steins; Various. Pattern: Zoller & Born Steins by Zoller & Born. Status: Discontinued. Refine Results. Search Within. Go. Product Type China (8) Collectibles (8) Sort By: 1 - 8 of 8 items Sort & Refine. The pieces below are not currently in stock. more


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German Beer Steins-The origins of beer steins date back to the 14th century. As a result of the bubonic plague and several invasions of flies throughout Europe, Germany established several laws in the early 16th century requiring that all food and beverage containers be covered to protect their contents. more


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8/19/2013 · Aug 19, 2013 - Original beer steins have become collector items. These hand-painted mugs originated in Germany and have since been replicated by manufacturers because of their overall appeal. Collectors should look for a number of elements on a beer stein to ensure it is genuine and not a mass-produced replica. An authentic vintage .… more


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Choosing Antique German Beer Steins. You enjoy a good beer, but its lacking something, and an antique stein from Germany could be just what you need to enhance your beer-drinking experience. After all, Germany is known for its beer as well as for its beer steins, and a collectible German beer stein can be just as interesting and complex as the more


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Dating German Steins Country Living's expert answers your questions about antiques and collectibles. Beer steins are an area of great interest to many collectors. German beer stein history and iformation on beer steins, beer mugs, and pewter, glass and metlach ssteins and mugs. more



4/25/2017 · Dating German Steins Country Living's expert answers your questions about antiques and collectibles. Sep 5, 2005 I have five or six German beer steins that my father. The Stein Mark Identification web-site compiled by Chris Wheeler. Home About us Stein Marks. Simon Peter Gerz I Albert Jacob Thewalt Zöller & Born V-shape. Find great deals on more


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Free online dating german beer stein dated 1938 for sale is embossed with naughty individuals. Shop our selection of the largest 32 liter stein, or one of strength and talked about authentic german as well. Identifying old german beer steins, particularly in beer steins have pewter beer steins date back before the journal the 14th century. more


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As german as this historic dating was, it prompted tremendous german for civilization. And, of interest here, it is also responsible steins the origin steins beer beer stein. Recall from above that the distinction between a mug and a stein is the hinged lid. This lid steins … more


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German Lithophane Beer Stein. By mwilcox. This is a “Lithophane” stein, dating about 1910. The image on the bottom is molded in place, giving the appearance of a black & White photograph when viewed against light. The only marking on it is the word “Zinn”, stamped on … more


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A German Beer Stein was originally produced to combat health issues that triggered the Bubonic Plague. In dating our steins, we usually. If you are interested in learning something about body and handle styles I suggest Gary Kirsner’s The Beer Stein Book and a. more



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